The Three Spheres of Magic

A Brief Account of the Nature of Magic

The Pix is a land where magic is potent and exists in great quantities. Those who practice magic are known as mages. But in the world in which the Pix exists, only women are proficient in the magical arts. Men can use magic, but only through magical items or herbs that have magic within them. Men who utilize any kind of magic are commonly known as wizards. Since men have no magic within themselves, like women do, they are inadequate and incompetent as mages.

There are three spheres of magic. There is Black Magic, otherwise known as dark or shadow magic. Wiccan Magic, otherwise known as Wicca or Witchcraft. And lastly, there is Faerie Magic, also known as the Power of Faerie or quite simply, Faerie. Each sphere of magic have their own exclusive qualities and those who practice them advance to certain levels of power and/or wisdom. Each sphere is described below.

Black Magic – Those who practice this particular sphere are known as sorceresses. The races who are proficient in it tend to be humans and demons, especially demons. The black arts dwell mostly in the occult, which includes raising from the dead, communicating with the departed, casting harmful curses upon people, and wielding fire as a weapon. There are three levels of power among sorceresses: Twilight, Midnight, and Darklin. Sorceresses learn to fly early in their time as Twilight and only do so with a pole shaped object, almost always a crooked staff. Men who study and/or practice the Black Arts are known as sorcerers or warlocks.

Wiccan Magic – Those who practice Wicca are known as witches. The only race known to be proficient in witchcraft are humans. Wicca deals with the magic that exists in the natural world. It consists of influencing the weather, casting or lifting curses and spells, curing diseases with magical herbs found in nature, and wielding lightning as a weapon. The three levels of wisdom that exist in the Wiccan Order are Younglin, Maitrin, and Olden. There is one more level of wisdom in Wicca that almost no one ever achieves, and that is Oracle. To be at such a level of wisdom requires the possession of the Sight: the ability to see into the past, present, and future. Like sorceresses, witches learn to fly early in their Younglinhood also with the aid of a pole like object. Their item of choice in flight is the broom. Men who dabble in witchcraft are known as wizards among the general populace, but are often called witches in the Wiccan order since they consider the term “witch” to be a gender-neutral term.

Faerie Magic – One who uses the powers of Faerie is called an enchantress. The races that are the most capable in this sphere of magic are elves, pixies, and faerie spirits. Faerie magic involves levitation, teleportation, healing wounds, and re-growing limbs. The three levels of potency among enchantresses are as follows: Copper, Silver, and Golden. Unlike sorceresses and witches, an enchantress cannot fly long distances until she reaches the level of Golden even though they learn to levitate soon after they become Coppers. When they finally do learn to fly, they do so on their own accord without any item to aid them. Men who practice the Faerie Arts are called enchanters or wizards.

Even though each sphere of magic is unique, there is much overlap between the three and those who are thoughly learned in one sphere are known to dabble in the other two spheres to some extent. But no one is able to become proficient in more than one sphere of magic.

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