This page was inspired by all of the hate mail I have recieved over the years from anti death penalty crazies about my webpage. These are some of the phrases they frequently use. This is a list that you can use to understand the meaning of the phrases as they perceive them so that you too can indulge in the sanctimonious hypocricy of the abolitionist movement.

Abolitionist's statement : All killing is wrong.
What they mean : Its wrong for the state to execute a guilty murderer. Killing the innocent unborn with abortion is OK.

Abolitionist's statement : Every human life is precious.
What they mean : All murderers are precious. All others are secondary in value and expendable.

Abolitionist's statement : Murder is a terrible crime.
What they mean : The execution of a murderer is infinitely worse than genocide and slavery combined.

Abolitionist's statement : Adolf Hitler also favored the death penalty.
What they mean : Jews and vicious murderers are morally identical.

Abolitionist's statement : The European countries have abolished the death penalty.
What they mean : America should also disregard the views of the majority.

Abolitionist's statement : The death penalty doesn't stop murders from happening.
What they mean : Life imprisonment will stop murders from happening.

Abolitionist's statement : Putting a murderer to death will not bring his victim back from the dead.
What they mean : Putting the murderer in prison will bring his victim back from the dead.

Abolitionist's statement :The murderer wasn't at fault, he had a bad childhood etc.
What they mean : The victim asked for it, for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Abolitionist's statement : We must give a murderer a chance to repent.
What they mean : We must accept the risk of a murderer killing again.

Abolitionist's statement : Inmate "X" who is due to be executed tonight is innocent.
What they mean : Inmate "X" SAID he is innocent.

Abolitionist's statement : Inmate "X" is well spoken and can draw pretty pictures.
What they mean : Two good reasons for a reprieve.

Abolitionist's statement : Inmate "X", who was executed last night, was tortured to death.
What they mean : After he was given the lethal dose, he coughed a couple of times.

Abolitionist's statement : Life imprisonment prevents a murderer from killing again.
What they mean : Murder by escapees, parolees and prison murders don't count.

Abolitionist's statement : What if an innocent person is executed?
What they mean : Innocents are only sacred when they manipulate people into preserving murderers. Anyone who values innocents beyond that is pure scum.

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