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Prelude to the Necromancer Wars

coverThe Griffin's Gauntlet -by Wesley Lowe
Sharon Amber finds herself swept from her home by faerie magic and into a world distinctly different from her own. There, she meets a kindly old witch, a dauntless knight, a demon sorceress, a faerie enchantress, and a cursed bard. Together, they embark on a quest through the haunted Blackwoods to a griffin's aerie to acquire the Griffin's Gauntlet, the only weapon that can vanquish the tyranny of the Dragon King and restore freedom throughout the land.

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Book I of the Necromancer Wars

coverThe Coven Initiates -by Wesley Lowe
After the plague of the Demon Wars and the following blight of Bain the Dragon King's rule, peace has finally come to the land of The Pix. But then a diabolical act of regicide occurs followed by a bloody coup. War is declared to avenge this treachery. Then key figures of both common and royal blood are guided by the songs of a mysterious bard who is heard, but never seen. Meanwhile, The Blackwoods Coven is involuntarily drawn into this escalating turmoil of political affairs by a dire prophecy of a massive calamity. One that would dwarf anything that The Pix has ever suffered before. And only The Blackwoods Coven can stop it.

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Book II of the Necromancer Wars

coverThe Royal Quests -by Wesley Lowe
A war to oust a usurper from his unjustly gained throne begins. To gain support for the cause, a coven of witches is divided into three groups, each one assigned a quest by foreign kings with the pledge of military aid upon completion. The first sets out to find a displaced king most believe dead. The second must seek out and destroy a powerful demon sorceress. And the third must rescue two children from an indestructible war machine with a will of its own. The only chance for victory against the usurper is the completion of these Royal Quests.

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Book III of the Necromancer Wars

coverThe Wiccan Path -by Wesley Lowe
During a grueling war with no end in sight, a prominent general has been arrested for attempted murder and awaits execution. To the south, two witches run afoul against a despot who is as powerful as he is mad. To the east, a scholar of evil encounters wickedness beyond reckoning. And to the north, a unicorn is sought who holds the only means of freeing the heirs to an enchanted kingdom. But then, a new threat emerges that would ravage the land in death and destruction. And only an aged oracle knows how to stop it.

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Book IV of the Necromancer Wars

coverThe Oracular Gambit - by Wesley Lowe
A crone who is blind to all but the calamities of the future has envisioned a dire prophecy of doom. In response to the ominous divination, three quests are dispatched throughout the land of The Pix and beyond in the hopes of counteracting the threat. The first quest must deal with a powerful Weather Witch who has ensnared The Pix in a relentless drought. The second must aid a displaced king in regaining a magic sword from a mighty dragon with an appetite for human flesh. And the third must find a living war machine that holds two children in thrall. As the quests progress, their participants are set on a collision course with a terrible catastrophe that would seal the fate of The Pix and the rest of the world.

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Book V of the Necromancer Wars

coverThe Final Requiem - by Wesley Lowe
Under the command of the nefarious Lich King, The Army of the Undead wages a full-scale invasion against the land of The Pix. One by one, its city-states fall to the abominable juggernaut of walking corpses whose numbers grow with each conquest. Desperate attempts are made to halt the relentless incursion, but to no avail. The undead will not be stopped. The only hope for the living rests with the Wiccan Order, a sisterhood of witches who possess the only means to save humanity from mass annihilation. The course to this end requires an iron will and a ghastly sacrifice. But what price must be paid to halt the Lich King’s mad ambition to murder the world?

An Anthology of the Fantastic

coverNeverworlds -by Wesley Lowe
A literary portfolio of speculative fiction written over the years for the love of the fantastic. Within is a collection of short stories, a novella, poetry, and a few chapter excerpts covering the realms of fantasy and science fiction. Come on an epic quest with a knight whose sole mission is to discover who he truly is. Bear witness to a fitting retirement of an esteemed wizard. And travel through time to fashion a better world remade from the ruins of the old. All this, and more, you will find within the pages of Neverworlds.

The World of The Pix

To read a brief account on the nature of magic in The Pix, just follow the link below:

The Nature of Magic

And for the curious, here is a map of The Pix in which the story takes place:

Map of The Pix

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Finger Lakes Celtic Games and Festival Lincoln Hill Farms, Canandaigua, NY, Saturday, May 20, 2023

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AnchorCon 600 E Line Rd, Clayton, NY 13624, August 19 - 20, 2023

Flower City ComicCon Total Sports Experience 880, Elmgrove Rd Rochester, NY 14624, September 16 - 17, 2023

October Witchy Spooky Market Eagle Vale Golf Club, 4344 Nine Mile Point Rd, Fairport, NY, 14450, Oct 29, 10AM - 4PM

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